Scale for life-changing wealth!

We’ve heard it said that the first million is the toughest to make. Well, owning rentals is much like that first million dollars, in that getting the first one is the challenge. If you’re ready to scale then you’ve probably already conquered the biggest challenge.

To scale your rental holdings requires a growth mindset and a willingness to improve.

For me, increasing my real estate holdings is about two things—current cash flow and future value. I wanted my family to have the freedom of time and the excitement of life. And increasing my real estate holdings has allowed me to crack the code. Instead of working at a 9 to 5 job, making money for someone else, I am making money for my family, without working. The checks come in without me having to submit my hours or producing a product. Instead of hoping and praying for a raise, I can add value to my tenants so they will pay more rent. Every property we buy is one that I can leave my kids. The best part is that I have broken the cycle, as Jeff says, of buying liabilities, and now I can think about only buying assets. Gotta love Real Estate!

To scale our real estate holdings, my wife and I quickly learned that traditional banks make it more and more difficult to borrow from when buying rentals. Each time there were more hoops, restrictions and limits that left us wondering how we could continue to scale if we didn’t use banks to fund our growing rental empire. Well, one of my mentors introduced us to “Creative Financing,” aka seller financing or owner carry. Basically, we had a new way to grow our assets. We got a significant number of properties with no money down.  But wait, there’s more; we also learned how to leverage our current properties in order to acquire even more rentals. We also were able to trade up our properties to give us better cash flow and increased appreciation potential. There really is nothing like real estate.

Yet, there are a few common misconceptions about Real Estate...

Money Invested

Cash flow limitations

No good deals

Rentals are hard!

The Real Estate Reality is...

You can own a lot of real estate without a lot of money. In fact, we have bought properties with no money out of pocket. 

Cash flow can be limited if you don’t treat each property like a business. Real estate can be leveraged to increase cash flow while adding assets to your portfolio.

Deals are out there if you know where and how to look for them. However, make sure you’re using your time wisely because if you don’t know where to look you could waste a lot of valuable time.

Rentals can be hard if you are guessing your way with what’s required. When done correctly, managing rentals is mostly passive. And that’s a good thing because it puts you in charge of your time.

Here's how to get started in Real Estate...

Make the

Are you committed to creating real wealth? Or do you want to work a job and hope that one day you'll have enough time to live the life of your dreams?

Get clear on your vision

How will having wealth change your life and the lives of those you love? How will you use your new future to change your world?


Surround yourself with a strong team!!! Significant others are #1. Make sure you appreciate their point of view. The right Realtor is #2. Make sure he/she is educated in what you are looking for and why.

Have a simple plan

Make sure the goals build on each other. Be clear on when you need to get things done and by when. Keep track of the activities that others need to do for you.
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