Change Your

Live your unique life!

Change Your World

Live your unique life!

Change Your

Live your unique life!


 … getting up in the morning with a great attitude, not worrying about a job, being present for family and friends, continually learning and building the life you want. 

That is exactly what we both wanted, yet, we were feeling trapped by our routine… 

Work, Sleep, Repeat. 

In 2012, we started hiking where we shared our dreams and struggles. Over hundreds and hundreds of miles we chatted, made plans, and laughed. The best part was when we started supporting each other to take action and make changes.

Who knew that it would become the humble beginnings of a friendship and brotherhood that would help take us to the next level where we could be Rebels in our own worlds. 


Why Live The Risk?

Why not?

 In today’s world you can’t afford to hide from your fears. At some point, you will need to make a choice to live your dreams. Yet, so many people go it alone and fail… 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Join with other like-minded individuals willing to help you succeed, to help you discover personal accountability, and to encourage authenticity and connection.

In other words, to help you Live The Risk!

Our mission is to help all Rebels succeed! 

And if you let us…

We are committed to sharing what we learned, where we failed, how we did it, when we succeeded, and why we keep doing it.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Connect With us

We so believe in community and connection that we want you to know that we are available in several ways. So, if you are a Rebel with a cause, let’s connect!


One of the ways we are rebelling is that we won’t do all that high-pressure, guilt-laden nonsense (because it isn’t authentic to us).

Our promise: we will tell you what we are doing… in plain English. If you like what you see and hear and want to join in, just say so. We will let you know what the plans and/or price is (if any) and you get to make the decision. No pressure, no guilt.

(Nice change, isn’t it?)



Today’s the day to make a change that puts you on the path to wealth and freedom. Get our books here!


Or at least taped.  Head over to YouTube to see the Rebels’ new show called “Uncommon Sense.

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WHAT'S A REBEL [rĭ-bĕl′]?

  • Any person who rises up against the status quo of trading “one unit of time for one unit of pay”;
  • Any person who resists any authority, control, or tradition that stands in the way of one’s own honest success;
  • Any person who wants to create a better world for one’s family and friends but doesn’t want to play by the “normal” mindset;
  • Any person who wants control over his/her time.


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