Jeff Steele is a high school teacher turned full-time real estate entrepreneur. He has managed, built, bought, flipped, sold, and held hundreds of properties in his self-taught career allowing him the opportunity to build his wealth and leave the work world behind. He now applies his considerable talents to creating a movement to help individuals wanting to escape working for “the man” and build their own lives through real estate. Not a stranger to financial struggles, trials, and tribulations, his roll-up-the-sleeves and never give up approach is the key to his success.

Joel Levinson is a four-time serial entrepreneur achieving multi-millions in revenue and has been President of multiple $100M business units in the Fortune 500. Today he leverages his business expertise to initiate, guide, and accelerate people’s journeys from all walks of life as they leave their comfort zone to obtain the riches from their goals and dreams. Having been nearly crushed by life’s responsibilities—financial bankruptcy, family tragedies, and health concerns—his zest for learning, acceptance of change and positive outlook are the keys to his successful life.

Together, the Rebels host the “Uncommon Sense” YouTube series and the “Walking with Warriors” podcast. They are co-authors of several books and seminars, and are changing the face of the industry by altering the odds for the average person to achieve great success!



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