Real estate is the most effective way to build wealth...

Wow! It also gives you more time with family and helps you design the life that up to now you’ve only dreamed about.

Just like you we were once new to real estate too.  Here’s Jeff’s story:

I went from being a teacher, where my salary had been frozen for 5 years to being able to walk away and never worry about money again. In fact, I make more money now than I ever had before in my life and I no longer work a job. Thanks to real estate my family will never worry about money again. I spend more time with people I love and have never been in better health. Life is amazing. And to think I started it all on a teacher’s salary with no savings.

In the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was stumbling at every turn and it took me a lot longer with a lot more mistakes then if I would have gotten a team right from the start. 

And here’s Joel’s:

My story is very different. I was trapped by the golden handcuffs of corporate America that kept me away from my family and friends. The time I spent working was so all-consuming that I was in poor health but making a lot of money.  Today, the money comes in passively and my time is now spent helping those I love. My weight is back to my first-year college weight and my time is now spent taking my wife and my now-adult daughters to some of the coolest places around the globe. There’s nothing better than living life on your own terms vs. the old model of living to work.

For me, the smartest decision I made was to reach out to Jeff and leverage what he knew in real estate to change my odds of success, and the odds were changed for the better!

Yet, there are a few common misconceptions about Real Estate...



Takes Forever

Need to be able to get a bank loan!

The Real Estate Reality is...

Doing it on your own is risky if you’re not working with people that know what they are doing and are willing to show you. 

It can be complicated when you’re first starting out especially when you don’t have a tried and true system of success.

If you don’t know what you are doing, a bank loan seems like the only way to get what you want. Yet, there are numerous other ways available to the knowledgeable.

Time does seem to drag when you are guessing your way through the process; however, with a plan and the right team it is possible to build wealth quickly.

Here's how to get started in Real Estate...

Make the

Are you committed to creating real wealth? Or do you want to work a job and hope that one day you'll have enough time to live the life of your dreams?

Get clear on your vision

How will having wealth change your life and the lives of those you love? How will you use your new future to change your world?


Surround yourself with a strong team!!! Significant others are #1. Make sure you appreciate their point of view. The right Realtor is #2. Make sure he/she is educated in what you are looking for and why.

Have a simple plan

Make sure the goals build on each other. Be clear on when you need to get things done and by when. Keep track of the activities that others need to do for you.
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