When Bulls**t isn't your thing!

Listen, I get ya, bulls**t isn’t for everyone.

If you have read anything about Jeff (my business partner) or myself, listened to our podcast, read our first book, or attended any of our seminars, you will know that our philosophy is not to excuse ourselves… it’s to do for ourselves and to help others do for themselves as well.  And since you followed this link… I have a feeling that you want to do for yourself and help others to do the same.

So, Jeff and I thought we should give you a bonus for putting the bulls**t aside (no matter how much fun it was) and concentrate on improving your world.  It’s our quick-read book called:

Between Do & Done is What You’ll Become.”

I am also including a BS in BS certificate. You earned it! Just fill in your name and hang it up for all of your friends to see! 

Enter your email address in the box provided and press “Send me my stuff.”  I will ship out your bonus gift within a couple of minutes.  Btw, if you don’t get it—please look in your spam or junk folders.

P.s.  Of course, if you liked the parody, I will send you all of the other bonus gifts from the book. 🙂 


(We don’t spam or sell names… Heck, we barely email!)


(We don’t spam or sell names… Heck, we barely email!)

This is NOT a part of the other free gifts 🙂

The only way to get it is to download it from this page.

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