Welcome to the Rebels'
Nexus Collective

If you are the type that wants to have access to the mentors and experts that will help you help yourself, if you are a person that takes ACTION, and you are a person committed to breaking the mold of what wealth building is...

Then the NEXUS COLLECTIVE is for you!

The Collective is all about the inner workings of what makes Real Estate work! It gives you a meeting place of like-minded entrepreneurs that are willing and able to share their secrets.

The Collective has Real Estate and Wealth Building top of mind, not only for making money, but for improving the world of their members. They are dedicated to changing the relationship of one hour's work to be equally greater than one hour's pay.

If you are one of the few, join the Rebels to further your cause!


Access to experts and mentors when you need them.

Engage with like-minded investors, which allows for networking, dealmaking, and partnerships.

Advanced learning in finding, funding, financing (creative and traditional), negotiation, and closing tactics.

Accelerated education on diversifying the portfolio – Buy and Hold, Flipping, Building, Vacation, Multi-family, Single Family, Condo, Airbnb.

Discovery of out-of-state deals and how to keep them well managed.

Learning the ins and outs of tenant management, property management, and exit strategies.

Evaluating renovation, repair, and restoration of homes and why you do what you do.

Assessing real properties.

Review of specific details on deals (completed and being worked on).

Connection to special guests on pertinent topics.

Provided each year of the membership: 

  3 On-location Collective Events. Every event is a minimum of 2 days in a locale around the country.

10 Private Group Coaching Calls.

24 Fifteen-minute one-on-one exclusive calls to be scheduled by the member; multiples slots can be used at any one time (if scheduled).  Two a month earned, expires 12 months after earning.

Membership in the private Facebook group for Mastermind members—where questions get answered within 24 business hours.

12 Months

Rebels' Nexus Collective
$ 14,997

24 Months

Rebels' Nexus Collective
$ 19,997

36 Months

Rebels' Nexus Collective
$ 29,997
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