Why aren't more people the BOSS of themselves?

Because they are misinformed on what being a boss means! 

To be your own BOSS doesn’t require you to leave your job, actually far from it. It requires a mindset change in how you think. Now, we aren’t talking about a new role, title, pay raise, or some spot on the organization chart. Being the BOSS is all about taking command and leading yourself.

The biggest issue is that people let work define who they are and where they are going. They become their performance appraisals; they deliver on their employer’s dreams without having any of their own. Their ambition is tied up in the hierarchical structure of the company. 

It is a shame, because it doesn’t have to be that way.

The research keeps showing that when people grow, learn and forge their own path to obtain their own dreams, they are more productive, ambitious, happier, and more likely to help their company grow! Though the employee first needs two things: something to grow into and something to learn about. 

This is where Live The Risk comes in—we help people discover a dream of their own that is POWERFUL, PERSONAL, and SPECIFIC! We enable them to take control and lead themselves in order to build a roadmap for what they want to do in their lives.

When a person connects what they doing today to their future they will make progress!

And for those who are wondering if this is good thing for the employer, it is. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, when employees are happy they help their employers become better and grow faster. In 2014, revenues increased by more than 22.2% for the Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For group and they were growing by leaps and bounds all because their employees were happy.

The opportunity to hold personal and professional dreams in focus and use the work environment to achieve those dreams is what the successful employee should be after. This is where the power of the Live The Risk model is… Frustrated, yet successful, employees don’t have to quit to get what they want. They just need to understand what they want!

This is how a person starts to be their own BOSS.

And this is where the Live The Risk concept of Reverse Planning comes into play. To visualize the end-game, the ultimate answer, and then work back to their current existence, which allows the larger dream to stay in focus. This way, the results of the business helps them obtain the future they want.


Let’s get real. The whole reason for a person wanting to be their own boss is to give them a life they want, not just a lifestyle.

Yet, when employees and entrepreneurs alike get going this is the one thing they forget. Yes, they focus on the tasks to satisfy the business . . . but we believe they should focus on the wealth!  And we don’t mean only money. It is the wealth of relationships, health, connection, ideas, and yes, bank accounts, that we are referring to.  It is the wealth of making a difference. It is the wealth of balance between what they want at home, work, and play and their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  It is enjoying the wealth of energy in every step along their path.

Though wealth doesn’t happen unless they know what they really want, understand it, and plan for it. Which is why we want to share the process, method, and system on how we made the leap to being our own bosses.

Our system contains the 7 proven components of how to Live The Risk and Be Your Own Boss. It is the “what” that changed our mindset from resignation to wealth. Our discovery of the RESULTS system has allowed us to make the leap from Successful Employees to Successful Entrepreneurs.

The RESULTS system contains all of the steps that we took in order to define, create, and implement the life we desired. No more getting up to go to work, planning the kids’ events around work responsibilities, asking for vacation or time off, sick days, working on the weekend, or worrying about what to wear…

Our RESULTS gave us freedom!  Freedom of time… Freedom of finances… Freedom of choice.

Do you have what it takes to be your own BOSS?

Mostly, what stands in our way is not someone or something else… it is ourselves.

We are our own worst enemy. The successful employee or rookie entrepreneur has not decided what kind of BOSS he/she will be. So, let’s set the record straight.

BOSS stands for the Brand OSelf Success that we want to live.

We have found that most people fall into one of 5 categories below (the BOSS scale) and it is very possible to be part of several different categories. Understanding the current category will enable a person to determine what they need to improve upon.



No Control Over Future

Hiding from Responsibilities

An Hour of Work Equals an Hour of Pay

Not Active in Life/Comfortable on Couch

Excuse Driven


Getting The Job Done (and that's all)

No Action on What They Want

Lacking Good Wingmen

Not Setting Goals

Having No Plan

Settling For Good Enough


Actively Working Hard

Problem Solving

Moving Up The Hierarchy

Recognized by Peers

Wanting More (feel held back)

False Sense of Job Security


Understand Entrepreneurial Behavior

Working "In" the Business

Solution Finder

Continuing to Learn and Grow

Has Bigger Dreams


Reaping the Rewards of the Entrepreneurial Life

Working "On" the Business

Leveraging Solutions

Helping Others Learn and Grow

Live the Dream

If you want help moving up the BOSS Scale...

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